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DeLonghi Dedica Review (2023) – Is It Any Good?

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Do you need a good espresso machine for your home set-up that won’t take up too much counter space? You may be interested in the DeLonghi Dedica. It is one of the most popular coffee makers on the market and I am going to review it from top to bottom here so you can find out if it lives up to its hype.

During my research, I tested its features, compared notes with other baristas, and made sure that I leave no stone unturned.

In this DeLonghi Dedica review, I’ll cover everything from design features, quality output, and its overall ease of use so you can get an accurate snapshot of what this espresso maker has to offer before investing your money in it.

DeLonghi Dedica Overview

DeLonghi Dedica Review Overview


  • Single-boiler setup
  • 15-bar Italian pump
  • Pressurized portafilter
  • Pod compatible
  • Pannarello steam wand
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Programmable
  • Volumetric control
  • 35oz water tank
  • 40sec heat up time
  • Cup warmer


Beginner friendly frothing

Decent espresso extraction

Fast heat-up time

Programmable volume

Affordable and compact


Not suitable for advanced users

Wait time between steaming and brewing

I was thrilled to get my hands on the DeLonghi Dedica to see whether it delivers on the hype. It is advertised as a sleek and compact machine that delivers delicious espresso shots with ease. So, is it?

Besides a stylish look and design, one of the first things that you notice about Dedica is an advanced thermoblock technology that heats up the water quickly, giving you the perfect temperature for an ideal espresso shot.

How fast does it heat up the water you may ask? Will you believe me when I say that in 40 seconds, this little guy is heated up and ready to make your espresso? That’s right!

The machine also has a built-in cup warmer that ensures your espresso stays hot and doesn’t lose its flavour. It is a nice touch that is usually rare to find in espresso machines under $500.

Moreover, the DeLonghi Dedica espresso machine has an impressive 15-bar pressure system that ensures the right pressure is used to make the perfect espresso shot, giving you rich, creamy, and crema-topped espresso shots.

And this same pressure is used when you want to steam some milk for your espresso drinks. Using a super-beginner-friendly Panarello steam wand, Dedica helps you to froth (almost) the perfect foam for your cappuccino.

I have to say right off the bat that DeLonghi Dedica can be used by anyone without any hassle or confusion. Even if you have never used a machine to make espresso, I’m sure that its intuitive interface will make you feel like a pro barista.

Perhaps my favourite special thing about Dedica, though, is the fact that it’s compatible with both ground coffee and ESE pods.

And with that in mind, let’s go over its main features in the next few sections of my in-depth DeLonghi Dedica review.

Build Quality & Design

When I stumbled upon the DeLonghi Dedica, I was impressed by its compact size and elegant design. It’s one of those machines that looks great wherever you put it.

DeLonghi Dedica Review - Build Quality and Design

As for the build quality, right off the box, you can notice that the stainless-steel body feels sturdy and durable. Despite its small size, it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheaply made. I like that the machine has a robust weight to it, which reassures me that it will last for years to come.

Heading over to the design…

At the moment, DeLonghi offers Dedica in black, white, red, and metallic, the latter being the cheapest model. If you want up the design, you’ll have to pay more.

The machine’s simplicity is another aspect of its design that I admire. The three buttons and the steam wand dial make it user-friendly and intuitive. I didn’t need a manual to figure out how to use an espresso machine, which tells you something about Dedica’s ease of use.

Lastly, the compact design of the Dedica is ideal for those with limited counter space. Its 13-inch height, depth, and 6-inch width make it easy to store away after use.

Main Features

Special thanks to the DeLonghi North America YouTube channel for this video.

Boiler & Heating

DeLonghi Dedica is a single-boiler espresso machine. To the untrained, this means that it has one boiler and it has to switch between brewing and steaming. You can’t do both at the same time.

So what about the heating element?

When it comes to heating elements, the DeLonghi Dedica features a thermoblock heating system that ensures your water is heated quickly and efficiently, allowing for rapid brewing and minimal wait time.

The thermoblock system on the Dedica is pretty impressive, heating up quickly for convenience. In 40 seconds, you are ready to brew your morning espresso.

What about the brew temperature options?

Meh. I wasn’t thrilled with this. Dedica has three options and even on the hottest setting, the temperature is not as high as it should be thus brewing a warm instead of a hot espresso. Kind of a bummer since temp affects the flavour.

This is where the DeLonghi Dedica’s entry-level status shows. It’s okay if you’re new to coffee, but not great for espresso enthusiasts. Still, it’s affordable and does the job for those without super high standards.

More about the brewing performance below in this DeLonghi Dedica review!

Water Tank

This sleek and compact machine boasts a 35-ounce water tank that can hold enough water for multiple shots of espresso without needing to be refilled constantly.

The Dedica’s water tank capacity is great for small apartments or small households. However, I would recommend a larger capacity machine if you live in a large household with many espresso lovers or want to get an espresso machine for your office.

The tank is easily detachable, making it incredibly convenient to fill and clean. And, thanks to the clear window on the side of the tank, it’s easy to keep an eye on the water level without having to remove the tank itself.

Steam Wand

DeLonghi Dedica comes equipped with a Pannarello-style steam wand. You know it is Pannarello right away because of its plastic sleeve.

If you’re just starting out in the world of latte and cappuccino making, the Pannarello wand is a lifesaver. Without having to worry about technique or angle, you can easily produce a perfect froth every time. It’s practically foolproof!

The best thing, it comes with two dial options – Cappuccino and Hot milk.

DeLonghi Dedica Review - Steam Wand

The Cappuccino setting lets you make some thick and creamy foam that’s perfect for your favourite drinks. And the Hot milk option is just right when you want to add some steamed milk to your hot chocolate or chai latte.

I’ll share a bit more information about steam wand’s performance in a later section of my DeLonghi Dedica review so keep on reading.

Drip Tray

I used to struggle with keeping the crema perfect when brewing in smaller cups. The espresso would often go too far and the crema would vanish, leaving a disappointing shot.

That’s not the case with the DeLonghi Dedica’s height-adjustable drip tray. You can easily set the tray to the right height for your espresso cup, ensuring a perfect crema every time.

And that’s not it! The adjustable drip tray also gives you extra space when brewing into a taller mug or a latte glass. Just adjust the tray and boom! A perfect cup every time.

One of the cutest features here is the red popup indicator that shows when the drip tray is full. It adds to the overall satisfaction of having the DeLonghi Dedica.


The DeLonghi Dedica comes with a 51mm portafilter that’s super handy for switching between different filter baskets, whether you’re in the mood for a single shot or a double shot of espresso.

Speaking of which, the machine comes with three pressurized filter baskets: single espresso, double espresso, and Easy-serve espresso pod.

DeLonghi Dedica Review - Portafilter

The ESE pods are an awesome option for beginners or folks in a hurry. Just pop in a pre-packaged pod and you’re good to go. It’s super fast and convenient without compromising quality.

But let’s talk a bit more about those pressurized baskets on DeLonghi Dedica.

These baskets feature a single hole at the bottom, allowing for a more forgiving extraction process. Even with insufficient pressure at the brew head, the double-walled baskets create the necessary pressure after the fact, resulting in a decent extraction.

This feature makes it a breeze for beginners to whip up consistently good espresso. No need to stress about nailing your tamping or grinding skills just yet.

That’s all good…

However, it’s important to note that using a pressurized basket will always result in an inferior espresso shot compared to a standard one. While these baskets may be more suitable for rookie baristas, they lack the depth and complexity of a true espresso shot.

Volumetric Control

The volumetric control is a feature that allows you to program the volume of water that will be dispensed for each shot of espresso. This means you can customize your espresso to your preferences and ensure that you get the same volume every time.

The DeLonghi Dedica espresso machine allows you to program two different volumes for the single and double shot options. You can program the volume of water using the buttons on the machine’s control panel.

DeLonghi Dedica Review - Volumetric Control

How it works, you may ask?

It’s simple. You just have to press and hold the brew button until you have extracted the desired amount of coffee into your cup. The machine will then remember the program.

What’s great about this feature is that once programmed, the Dedica will automatically dispense the programmed volume of water for each next shot you make.

The volumetric control feature is particularly useful for those who enjoy different types of coffee drinks. For example, if you prefer a smaller shot for a cappuccino or a larger shot for a latte, you can easily customize the amount of coffee delivered to your cup.

Brewing Performance

As someone who takes their coffee seriously, I was excited to try out the DeLonghi Dedica. With its sleek design and features, this machine had a lot to live up to.

However, I quickly realized that the brewing performance on Dedica would heavily rely on my own barista skills. Being a semi-automatic machine, it requires some manual effort to brew espresso, but that’s where the fun lies.

One of the main challenges with using the Dedica is the manual tamping process. While this may seem daunting for those who are used to automatic tampering like on LaSpecialista, it actually gives you more control over the tamping process.

This means that you can adjust the pressure and ensure that the coffee is evenly compacted, resulting in better extraction and richer flavour.

Another thing to note is that the Dedica does not have a built-in grinder. While this may be an added expense, it also means that you have more control over the grind size and can adjust it to your personal preferences.

PRO TIP: The perfect grind size for espresso is fine. Going for a really fine 1/32-size coffee grind will help you steer clear of any sour taste or bitter flavor, and prevent over-extraction or under-extraction.

If you manage to get all the parameters right, the actual espresso brewing performance of the DeLonghi Dedica is not that bad. The system has its flaws, for sure, but it does the job.

DeLonghi Dedica Brewing Performance

The thermoblock heating system heats up the machine quite fast and the 15-bar pump does its job correctly. The pressurized portafilter will take care that you always get a nice layer of crema on top of your espresso.

But as I mentioned in my Delonghi Dedica review earlier, out of the three temperature settings, the first two are useless and the last one is not as great.

That said, the chances that you will make that perfect cup of espresso with Dedica are slim to none. But if you don’t care too much about the extraordinary taste of espresso and you just want a machine that can do the job fast, this little guy could be it for you.

Milk Frothing

As promised earlier in the review, I’ll share a few about DeLonghi Dedica’s milk frothing performance as well. But basically, there is not much to say here except that the Pannarello steam wand does a very good job without too much interference from you.

Since it is a semi-automatic frother, all that you need to do is fill in the jug with milk, place the wand inside, select either the Capuccino or Hot Milk option, and let the Pannarello wand do the rest.

In just a few seconds, you will get perfectly steamed milk for your latte, cappuccino and even flat white or hot milk for your chai latte or hot chocolate.

DeLonghi Dedica Milk Steaming Performance

That said, it’s super easy to make a thick and creamy milk foam with DeLonghi Dedica. However, I would dare to say that it can’t and never will be able to compare in terms of performance with professional-style steam wands.

Nonetheless, if you just want to whip up some milk foam quickly without having to train your barista skills, Dedica’s milk frothing system does a very good job.

Cleaning & Maintenance

First and foremost, it is important to clean the espresso machine by removing all its removable parts after every use. This includes the portafilter, drip tray, and water tank.

These parts can be easily removed and washed with warm, soapy water and dried thoroughly before reassembling them.

To keep your DeLonghi Dedica in good shape, regularly check and clean the group head and shower screen as well. Over time, these parts can become clogged with coffee particles and oils, affecting the quality of the espresso.

The group head is where the portafilter connects to the machine, and the shower screen is a small filter that sits inside the group head. To clean them, simply remove the shower screen and group head and soak them in hot water with a coffee-specific cleaner.

Once cleaned, reassemble and run a few cycles to flush out any remaining residue.

Also, ensure that you descale the Dedica regularly. Descaling improves the performance of the machine by flushing out any mineral buildup that may have occurred over time. DeLonghi offers its own descaling solution, but other brands are readily available.

Lastly, it’s important to clean the exterior of the DeLonghi Dedica regularly.

I use a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to wipe down the surface, being careful not to get any of the electrical components wet. A microfiber cloth works great for this, as it’s gentle on the surface and won’t leave any scratches or marks.

And that’s how you can clean your DeLonghi Dedica. Make sure to follow these steps religiously if you want to keep your machine working in pristine condition for years to come.

Who Is DeLonghi Dedica For?

After a long review, the conclusion is that the DeLonghi Dedica is designed for people who want a compact, fast, and easy-to-use espresso machine.

Its compact size ensures that it can fit perfectly on any kitchen counter, even in the smallest of spaces, making it a perfect fit for people who live in apartments or homes with limited kitchen space.

Its thermoblock heating technology makes sure that it is ready to brew in under a minute every time, making Dedica a perfect fit for those of you who are in a constant rush in the morning.

And since DeLonghi made this machine with beginners in mind, it is super easy to make espresso with Dedica. It’s great for beginners who need a great starter machine before upgrading to advanced models like LaSpecialista or Breville’s Barista Express.

Who Is DeLonghi Dedica Not For?

Firstly, if you are someone who needs to make multiple cups of coffee at once, the Dedica may not be the best choice for you.

It is designed to make one shot of espresso at a time, so if you frequently have guests or need to make multiple cups in one go, you will find yourself spending a lot of time waiting for the machine to cool down and reheat between shots.

Secondly, if you are someone who values a wide range of customization options, you may find the Dedica lacking. While it does offer some basic programmable settings such as shot length and water temperature, it does not have the same level of flexibility as other, more expensive prosumer machines.

On top of that, if you’re looking for a machine that is completely hands-off, then the Dedica may not be suitable for you. Although it does have programmable settings, it does require some manual work such as tamping the coffee and frothing the milk.

For you, the best super-automatic machine should do the trick. And if you are budgeted, I would recommend investing in Magnifica from DeLonghi.

DeLonghi Dedica Review – Verdict

All in all, I had a great experience reviewing the DeLonghi Dedica espresso machine. With its intuitive user interface, easy-to-clean exterior, and tasty espresso, this is a great addition to any kitchen.

The price tag is great as well, and in the long run, it will save you time and money while providing you with delicious homemade espresso drinks.

So the bottom line and conclusion to my review are that if you are looking for an excellent espresso maker without breaking the bank, then the DeLonghi Dedica is definitely worth a look. Thanks for reading my review!

DeLonghi Dedica Review Overview


  • Single-boiler setup
  • 15-bar Italian pump
  • Pressurized portafilter
  • Pod compatible
  • Pannarello steam wand
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Programmable
  • Volumetric control
  • 35oz water tank
  • 40sec heat up time
  • Cup warmer


Beginner friendly frothing

Decent espresso extraction

Fast heat-up time

Programmable volume

Affordable and compact


Not suitable for advanced users

Wait time between steaming and brewing

PS. Credits to DeLonghi’s product page for images.

DeLonghi Dedica Review – FAQs

Is the DeLonghi Dedica worth the investment?

The Dedica is a great investment for coffee lovers who are looking for an espresso machine that is compact in size and easy to use.

How easy is it to use the DeLonghi Dedica?

The Dedica is incredibly easy to use, with intuitive controls and a clear display. The machine heats up quickly, allowing you to make your espresso in just a few minutes.

What kind of coffee can I make with the DeLonghi Dedica?

The Dedica can brew one or two shots of espresso at a time, and steam milk too. In other words, from simple shots of espresso to lattes and cappuccinos, this machine can do it all.

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