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Breville Infuser Review (2023) – Should You Get It?

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Welcome to my review of the Breville Infuser espresso machine! If you’re in the market for a new machine, this unit is worth checking out. It has all of the features that make up a great espresso maker – precise temperature control, consistent extraction pressure, and customizable settings.

But is it worth the price? Can it brew a great espresso? Or, are there better Breville espresso machines? You’re about to find out!

In this post, I’ll share my Breville Infuser review. I’ll be covering everything from its design and ease of use to temperature control settings and boiler, so keep reading to learn more about whether the Infuser is an excellent buy or not.

Breville Infuser Overview

Breville Infuser Review Overview


  • Single-boiler construction
  • PID temp controller
  • 15-bar Italian pump
  • Volumetric control
  • Magnetic tamper
  • Manual steam wand
  • 61oz water tank
  • 54mm portafilter
  • Pressure gauge


Easy to use

Brews good espresso

Customization options

Solid build quality

Digital temp control


Low-quality tamper

Take time to switch between brewing and steaming

Breville Infuser is definitely not one of the most popular machines from the Australian manufacturer. In fact, I would say it is one of the least popular units. But that doesn’t mean that it is not a good espresso machine.

The Infuser is a semi-automatic espresso machine. This means that while it does most things like temperature control and pumping at a press of a button, you still need to grind the coffee, tamp it, and brew your shots.

While making my review, I didn’t find anything special on Infuser compared to other Breville units in this price range. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of Bambino Plus.

In contrast, Infuser doesn’t have automatic milk frothing function and the heating element is a bit subpar. Other than that, there is not much difference between the two machines. Even the price is almost the same.

What’s most important to me is that it too can brew great espresso. And I’m guessing that this is the main reason why you are interested in reading my Breville Infuser review, right?

With its Thermocoil heating system and precise PID temperature control, Infuser is capable of achieving a great brew every time. And the reason for its name lies in the pre-infusion technology that perfects the brewing process.

Combined with customizable shot volumes and extraction times, this machine allows for a high level of control over your coffee-making process.

The Infuser is suitable for complete newbies too. But I would actually recommend some other espresso machines for beginners.

All in all, for the price you pay, you get one hell of an espresso machine. And in the rest of my Breville Infuser review, you can read more about every little aspect of this unit to gain more info before you make up your mind.

Build Quality & Design

The Breville Infuser, just like all Breville’s products is made of stainless steel and some plastic components. The overall construction is solid and gives off a luxurious vibe, which I appreciate as I like investing in appliances that don’t look or feel cheap.

Speaking of size, the Breville Infuser is compact, measuring 12.3″ x 10.1″ x 13.1″, making it an ideal choice for those with limited countertop space. Compared to the Barista Express, the Breville Infuser is considerably smaller.

Breville Infuser Review - Build quality and design
The Infuser looks and feels more or less like all Breville espresso machines.

The water tank capacity of 61 fl. oz. is neither too big nor too small. The size of the tank is definitely big enough to provide enough water to prepare multiple cups of espresso.

In terms of ease of use and design, I don’t see any difference between the Infuser and any other Breville. The front panel is intuitive. Even if you have never brewed espresso before, I’m sure you’ll have no issues with this machine.

Oh yea, before I forget, the Infuser is available in two colours. Brushed stainless steel and in another iconic Breville colour, Black sesame.

Main Features


One of the most important aspects of any espresso machine is the boiler, and the Breville Infuser does not disappoint. It’s got a single boiler with Thermocoil heating.

Unfortunately, with a single boiler design, you won’t be able to brew and steam at the same time. On the bright side, the Thermocoil heating element ensures a consistent water temperature, which is critical for brewing great espresso.

Furthermore, the Thermocoil heating element has more precise temperature control than traditional boilers, leading to a more consistent shot of espresso. The only downside is that it takes a bit of waiting time between pulling shots.

Another solid feature of the Infuser’s boiler is its quick heat-up time. It only takes about a minute to reach the optimal brewing temperature. Compared to ThemoJet technology found on Barista Pro, this is still slow. But hey!

PID Controler

If you have read my reviews of Breville’s espresso machines, you may have noticed that all models come with a PID temperature controller. And the Breville Infuser is not an exception.

By the way, PID stands for Digital Proportional Integral Derivative and it helps to maintain the perfect brewing temperature.

One of the standout features of the PID controller on Infuser is that you have the ability to adjust the temperature in 4⁰F increments. This level of precision may seem small, but it makes a significant difference in the taste and quality of the espresso.

With other machines, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent temperature, resulting in uneven extraction and a subpar espresso shot. However, with the Infuser’s PID controller, the temperature remains steady, ensuring perfect extraction each time.

Another great thing about the PID controller is the ability to control the temperature of the steam wand, allowing for perfectly steamed milk for milk-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

More about this feature and its performance later in my Breville Infuser review so keep on reading to learn more!


One of the features that caught my attention and ultimately won me over is the pre-infusion technology integrated into the Breville Infuser espresso machine.

Pre-infusion is a process that involves saturating the coffee grounds with hot water for a few seconds before the extraction stage. This results in an even extraction and a more intense and flavorful espresso shot.

The Beville Infuser uses a 15-bar Italian pump to deliver the right amount of pressure during the pre-infusion process.

Another impressive aspect of the pre-infusion feature on this espresso machine is the level of manual control. You can customize the pre-infusion time. All you need to do is press and hold the brew button.

Moreover, the machine’s digital temperature control ensures that the water temperature remains stable throughout the pre-infusion and extraction processes.

What I personally like about the pre-infusion feature is the way it enhances the coffee’s aroma, flavour, and crema. With the Beville Infuser, you can make a perfect espresso shot that is rich, bold, and delicious every time.

Volumetric Control

In simple terms, volumetric allows you to determine the amount of water that goes into the brewing process, giving you more control over the final product. This feature allows you to experiment a bit with different types of espresso drinks.

The Beville Infuser also offers programmed shot volume – one and two shots. The machine matches the number of shots you select to the exact amount of water needed to create the perfect cup of espresso.

This function guarantees that you will always get a consistent cup of coffee.

Furthermore, the volumetric control provided by the Beville Infuser is accurate to the millilitre. That level of precision ensures that every cup is precisely measured for that perfect balance of water and coffee.

As a result, you can trust that the machine provides consistently excellent coffee.

Steam Wand

The Breville Infuser espresso machine is equipped with a stainless steel 360° swivel-action steam wand. The steam wand has proved to be an excellent tool for creating rich and creamy froth.

The steam wand is designed for precise milk jug positioning and stretching power. The 360° swivel-action allows you to move and adjust the wand while creating steamed milk for latte art.

The steam wand is also built with a steam pressure control knob on the side. This is great because you can adjust the steam pressure while making the froth.

Apart from the steam wand’s froth-making capabilities, the Breville Infuser also includes a dedicated hot water outlet for making Americanos or pre-heating cups. I will talk more about the overall performance below in my Breville Infuser review.


The portafilter included with the Infuser is a 54mm one. It has a capacity of up to 19 grams of ground coffee. Although it is not of top-notch quality, it can still do a solid job.

The portafilter comes with two sets of filter baskets – pressurised single and double baskets, and non-pressurized single and double baskets. What’s the difference, you ask?

The pressurized baskets are perfect for beginners or people who are not yet confident in their espresso-making skills, while the non-pressurized baskets are meant for advanced users who prefer to have more control over the brewing process.

Additionally, the non-pressurized baskets allow for optimal extraction of flavours from the coffee grounds. It is crucial to get the dosage and tamp correctly when using these baskets, but once you get the hang of it, the end result is exceptional.

What I like about the Infuser’s portafilter is that it is compatible with various aftermarket baskets. This gives you the freedom to experiment with different basket sizes and shapes if you wish.


The Beville Infuser’s manual removable magnetic tamper can be easily attached and detached from the machine, which I find really convenient. It minimizes the chances that you will lose it.

However, while it’s great that tamper is included with the Breville Infuser, I must say that it’s not of the highest quality. Don’t get me wrong; it does its job, but if you want to achieve the best results possible, I would highly recommend investing in a professional-grade tamper.

A tamper is a crucial tool that ensures your coffee grounds are compacted evenly, resulting in a consistent and high-quality extraction. If your tamper is of low quality or doesn’t fit your portafilter correctly, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve a perfect extraction.


As always, Breville made sure that you have everything you need while using the espresso machine. These accessories will definitely enrich the process for you.

  • Razor Dose Trimming Tool
  • 1cup & 2cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets (4)
  • Coffee Scoop
  • Stainless Steel Milk Jug
  • Cleaning discs and tablets
  • Cleaning brush, tool and Allen Key
  • Water Filter Holder and Water Filter

Brewing Performance

As for the brewing performance, Breville Infuser does an excellent job. That’s mostly thanks to all the features that I already talked about in my review. And here is how they all work together to help you make a great espresso using this machine.

To start off, you have to grind your coffee beans or use pre-ground beans, place them into the portafilter and tamp them nice and evenly using consistent hand pressure. Use about 6-8 grams for a single shot or about 15-20 grams for a double shot.

Then, lock the portafilter in place and using the volumetric control select whether you want to extract a single or a double dose. Once you hit the button the machine does the rest starting with the pre-infusion.

The pre-infusion feature allows for a steady low-pressure water flow into the coffee puck, which helps to extract more flavour and aroma from the grounds.

What’s more, the machine’s PID temperature control system ensures consistency in temperature throughout the entire brewing process.

If you don’t get good results on the first try, don’t get discouraged.

I would suggest that you increase the dose and tamping pressure in case your espresso is watery and weak. On the other hand, if you notice that the extraction is slow and the espresso is too strong, decrease the dose and tamping pressure.

It may take a while to hit the sweet spot, but once you get it, Infuser will do a great job.

The Breville infuser also offers a range of customizable settings, including manual shot volume and temperature control. This allows you to fine-tune your espresso to your personal preferences.

Overall, brewing espresso with Breville Infuser is a piece of cake if you ask me. Once you master the does and tamping, you will be able to craft a perfect espresso every time.

Thanks to Hoon’s Coffee YouTube channel for this video!

Milk Frothing & Steaming

As I mentioned earlier in the review, the Beville Infuser has a powerful steam wand that is capable of producing velvety milk froth, perfect for latte art. The frother is located on the right side of the machine and is very easy to use.

To froth the milk, simply insert the steam wand into the milk container and turn it on. The wand produces a froth by injecting air into the milk, creating tiny bubbles that give the milk its texture.

Keep in mind that the frothing is manual, and I love this feature. Some Brevilles like Oracle Touch have this feature automated. It’s good to have it like that if you are a newbie and you don’t want to play with the froth.

But automatic frother takes the joy out of the process if you ask me. That’s why I love the manual frother and Breville Infuser does a great job.

With manual frother, you need to practice the angle and the amount of pressure to master the process. Also, you may have to knock and swirl the jug afterwards to get that perfect microfoam.

And that is what I like about the process the most. It gives you that real barista feeling!

What sets the Beville Infuser machine apart from other machines in its category is the adjustable steam pressure feature. This allows you to customize the pressure of the steam wand, giving you full control over the temperature and texture of the milk.

As a former barista, I could find a flaw in Infuser’s milk frothing and steaming performance. If you love milk drinks like I love flat white, this machine will do a great job.

Cleaning & Maintainance

To keep the Beville Infuser espresso machine in its best condition, it’s easy by following these simple yet effective cleaning and maintenance practices.

Firstly, make sure to clean the machine after every use. This involves purging and wiping down the steam wand, portafilter, and group head with a damp cloth.

You should also clean the water reservoir and drip tray regularly. It is crucial to empty the drip tray and remove any leftover coffee grounds to avoid mould growth and unpleasant odours.

Furthermore, descale the machine every couple of months. The great thing about the Breville Infuser is that it will alert you when it is time to descale the machine.

Descaling is the process of removing mineral buildup that occurs due to the machine’s interaction with water. You can easily do this by using the mix of water and vinegar and by following the instruction manual provided by Breville.

Also, every few days, or at least once a week, you should backflush the machine. I recommend using Cafiza cleaning tablets and a 54mm cleaning disc to perform the deep cleaning. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to backflush your Infuser.

Additionally, I would advise replacing the water filter every two to three months. The water filter ensures that the machine’s water is free of impurities, preventing clogs and other issues in the machine.

All in all, just like every other espresso machine, Breville Infuser requires regular cleaning. The good news is that you can perform them all easily from home.

Who Is Breville Infuser For?

I would say that the Breville Infuser is perfect for anyone who is serious about their home coffee setup and is looking for a mid-range machine. When it comes to brewing espresso and steaming milk, the machine doesn’t disappoint.

And since it is one of the compact models on the market, it is also great for you if you have a limited kitchen countertop space.

It doesn’t include a grinder, which means that you need to pair it with a high-quality unit for the best experience. Or you can check out our list of top espresso machines with a grinder if you want an all-in-one deal for a few 100s more.

Who Is Breville Infuser Not For?

I wouldn’t recommend the Infuser to someone who is looking for a totally manual brewing experience without fancy controllers interfering with the process. If that’s you, I recommend buying a manual espresso machine.

Also, it is not for you if you want a complete hands-off espresso brewing experience. If you want the convenience of fully automatic brewing, then you should check out our list of top super-automatic machines.

Breville Infuser Review – Final Verdict

After having considered the Breville Infuser, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a quick, easy and reliable way to create espresso-based drinks at home.

It’s not the best choice in the plethora of these machines, that’s for sure. However, the capabilities of this device are quite impressive for its price point. It brews consistently good espresso and is capable of frothing milk even for latte art (with some practice!).

Thanks for reading my review. I hope it was helpful. If you have any additional thoughts you wish us to add to our review, feel free to contact us!

Breville Infuser Review Overview


  • Single-boiler construction
  • PID temp controller
  • 15-bar Italian pump
  • Volumetric control
  • Magnetic tamper
  • Manual steam wand
  • 61oz water tank
  • 54mm portafilter
  • Pressure gauge


Easy to use

Brews good espresso

Customization options

Solid build quality

Digital temp control


Low-quality tamper

Take time to switch between brewing and steaming

Breville Infuser Review – FAQs

What sets the Breville Infuser apart from other espresso machines?

The Infuser boasts a unique pre-infusion feature and PID temperature control technology. Thanks to these two features, the machine is capable of making consistently good espressos for a decent price.

How user-friendly is the Breville Infuser?

The Infuser is incredibly user-friendly. The machine’s intuitive interface allows for easy use and customization. The included accessories, such as the tamper and milk jug, make the process even simpler.

Is the Breville Infuser suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! While the Breville Infuser offers advanced features for more experienced baristas, it is also a solid choice for beginners. However, we recommend much better beginner espresso machines on our website.

What is the maximum cup size the Breville Infuser can accommodate?

The Breville Infuser can fit cups up to 4 inches tall, so you can enjoy anything from a small espresso shot to a larger latte beverage.

PS. Credits to Breville’s product page for images.

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