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Best Italian Espresso Machines – 10 Magnificent Models

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When it comes to making great espresso, nothing beats a classic Italian-style machine. After all, its inventor – Angelo Moriondo – was born and raised in Turin where he got the idea to create this machine and change the world of coffee forever.

As an avid coffee lover and home barista, I know a thing or two about these iconic machines; from the sheer power of their pumps to their top-notch quality components and craftsmanship.

Here in this post, we’ll explore the best Italian espresso machines available for your at-home brewing pleasure: ranging from humble entry-level models all the way up to commercial-grade juggernauts!

The 10 Best Italian Espresso Machines



De'Longhi Magnifica

  • Super-automatic

  • 60 oz water tank

  • Cappuccino System


Gaggia Brera

  • Super-automatic

  • 40 oz water tank

  • Programmable


De'Longhi ECP3420

  • Semi-automatic

  • 39 oz water tank

  • Milk frother


De'Longhi Dinamica 

  • Super-automatic

  • 61 oz water tank

  • LatteCrema System


Rancilio Silvia

  • Semi-automatic

  • 10 oz water tank

  • Ergonomic portafilter


La Pavoni Professional

  • Manual/lever

  • 38 oz water tank

  • Pressure gauge


Gaggia Classic Pro

  • Semi-automatic

  • 71 oz water tank

  • Commercial portafilter


Nuova Simonelli Oscar

  • Fully-automatic

  • 101 oz water tank

  • Volumetric dosing


De'Longhi Eletta

  • Super-automatic

  • 41 oz water tank

  • Intuitive display


De’Longhi Arte

  • Semi-automatic

  • 56 oz water tank

  • Built-in grinder

Whether you’re just getting started in your journey of crafting lattes and cappuccinos, or are a connoisseur looking for that perfect Italian machine to bring out your inner barista, my team and I are here to help with our guide here.

We’ll cover important features like brewing quality, materials used, temperature control and more as we explore our top picks followed by a buying guide.

So if you’re ready—let’s dive into choosing the best Italian espresso machines!

De’Longhi Magnifica – Best Overall

Magnifica is the best overall pick because of its impressive features that make the perfect shot of espresso every time. Its built-in burr grinder ensures fresh coffee grounds are used, while its patented Cappuccino System frother creates smooth foam for lattes and cappuccinos. And the price is great too!

The De’Longhi Magnifica is a top-of-the-line Italian espresso machine that had us amazed us over and over again.

One of the standout features of the De’Longhi Magnifica we like is its customizable settings. You can set the coffee strength and temperature to your preferences, to get a personalized cup of coffee every time.

Plus, the machine’s advanced heating system ensures the perfect coffee temperature every time, so you don’t have to guess or temperature surf.

The result is a well-balanced and smooth cup of espresso every single time.

Also, this machine’s impressive grinder options let you customize your cup even more. You can choose between 13 different grinds for your beans.

Probably the thing we like the most about this machine is how user-friendly it is. Even if you don’t have any barista experience, you can easily brew espresso like a pro.

Of course, the DeLonghi Magnifica is not just for making espressos. It has the versatility to prepare a full range of coffee beverages, from lattes to cappuccinos.

That’s because it has a built-in milk frother that delivers perfectly frothed milk for a professional-grade finish on your coffee creations.

How about a nice homemade latte? Magnifica can do it with ease!

Gaggia Brera – Runner Up

The Gaggia Brera offers a unique blend of convenience, functionality, and taste superiority. It boasts an intuitive user interface, easy maintenance, customizable drink options, and a powerful brewing system that produces rich, creamy, and flavorful espresso shots consistently.

The Brera is another well-balanced Italian espresso machine that found its way on our list. Not only it looks great, but it is capable of doing the same things as Magnifica.

One of the best things about the Brera is its espresso brewing game.

It’s got the ability to pre-infuse the coffee grounds with water before extraction. This allows the coffee to bloom and the flavour to fully develop, producing a richer, more robust cup of espresso.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable ceramic grinder that allows you to customize the strength of your espresso, ensuring you get the perfect cup every time.

The machine also features a large, easy-to-read display that provides you with important information such as water temperature, cup size, and brew strength.

Just like Magnifica, Brera allows you to program brewing options, providing you with the ability to set the machine to its preferred brewing parameters.

This machine also has a steam wand to help you froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes, making it a jack-of-all-trades for coffee lovers. And it’s easy to use as well.

The Brera has a removable brew group that simplifies the cleaning process, so you can effortlessly maintain your machine and keep it in tip-top shape.

Price-wise, it is in the same range as the Magnifica and it’s got all the same bells and whistles. We place it very high on our list of the best Italian espresso machines.

De’Longhi ECP3420 – Best On-Budget

De’Longhi ECP3420 offers a great balance between affordability and quality, making it the best on-budget Italian espresso machine. It features a 15-bar pressure pump, a built-in frother, and a removable water tank, all packaged in a sleek and compact design that fits perfectly in any kitchen.

If you want to add a touch of Italy to your kitchen, but don’t want to spend big bucks on a premium machine yet still want a great experience, check out this little guy.

One of the ECP3420 ‘s primary benefits is its 15-bar professional pressure system. This enables you to brew cafe-quality espresso. The manual frother, on the other hand, allows you to create an indulgent foam for cappuccinos or lattes.

It also allows you to brew two shots of espresso at once.

Furthermore, this little guy includes a water tank that can hold up to 37 ounces, just sufficient to avoid any regular refills.

Additionally, the removable drip tray and place that can accommodate taller cups are some of the functional advantages, which make it easier to use and maintain.

During our review of DeLonghi ECP3420, we were thrilled with how it is simple to use. It’s got clearly marked buttons and intuitive features.

Overall, the easy-to-clean and easy-to-use machine is designed to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. And you don’t have to shell out the top dollar to brew great Italian espresso from home.

De’Longhi Dinamica Plus – Best Super-Automatic

De’Longhi Dinamica Plus blends innovative technology and user-friendly design. Its one-touch system allows you to easily brew the perfect cup of espresso with just a touch of a button, while its advanced milk frothing feature creates velvety and creamy frothed milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

You may have noticed that De’Longhi dominates our list of the best Italian espresso machine. That is not a coincidence. This company from Treviso is a major league player and Dinamica Plus is one of their top creations.

Dinamica Plus is a top-of-the-line appliance that guarantees a professional taste of authentic Italian coffee. And since it is super-automatic, this means that you don’t have to do anything.

Thanks to its fully automated brewing system and customizable options, making the perfect espresso, and other espresso drinks has never been easier.

The Dinamica Plus is designed to brew coffee with freshly-ground beans using the built-in burr grinder.

Furthermore, the 19-bar high-pressure brewing system, combined with the latte crema system, guarantees rich and creamy drinks with a velvety smooth texture every time.

Another advantage of the Dinamica is its user-friendly interface that allows you to customize every aspect of your coffee experience.

This machine’s got a spout that adjusts to fit different cups, so you can get the perfect pour no matter what cup you pick.

With its sleek industrial design and advanced technology, the Dinamica Plus is a great addition to any modern kitchen, office, or coffee shop.

Need more info? Read our in-depth DeLonghi Dinamica Plus review here.

Rancilio Silvia – Best Semi-Automatic

Rancilio is considered one of the best Italian espresso machine makers and Silvia offers a perfect balance between affordability and premium quality. With its commercial-grade components, exceptional design, and advanced features, it guarantees consistent performance, precision, and flavour in every shot of espresso.

The Rancilio Silvia is a coveted appliance in the coffee industry. It is a commercial-grade Italian espresso machine that delivers unparalleled performance.

One of the first things you will notice is that this machine has a sleek and durable stainless steel construction, making it a cool addition to any kitchen.

One of its distinctive features that we like the most is its ergonomic design. The machine is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy-to-use interfaces.

As for the espresso brewing powers, Silvia is equipped with a powerful 15-bar pressure pump, which allows for optimal extraction.

I have to say that Silvia is truly barista-worthy with its exact temp control and commercial-grade portafilters delivering authentic Italian espressos.

Additionally, it is equipped with a swivel steam wand, which enables you to froth milk like a pro, with the right amount of heat and texture.

It also features a removable water tank that holds up to 67 fluid ounces, making it easy to refill and clean.

Overall, the Silvia is one of my top picks for home baristas who want a cafe-like vibe. We talked about Silvia on our list of top prosumer machines as well.

La Pavoni PC-16 – Best Manual/Lever

La Pavoni PC-16 is a classic Italian espresso machine that offers exceptional control and precision in the brewing process, resulting in a consistently high-quality cup of espresso. A durability and sleek design make it a long-term investment for any espresso lover who values craftsmanship and aesthetics.

La Pavoni is a boss Italian espresso machine brand that’s a game-changer for pulling barista-style shots. Their PC-16 model hits the spot with a true Italian espresso experience.

That’s because this machine features a lever and piston system that allows you to control the coffee extraction process manually. This, in turn, gives you more control over your espressos.

The PC-16’s dual-purpose gauge is yet another feature that we like very much.

The gauge not only allows you to monitor the pressure exerted on the coffee during the brewing process, but it also displays the boiler pressure, thus enabling you to maintain perfect water temperature and pressure during the brewing process.

Another impressive feature of the PC-16 is its highly efficient and powerful boiler. The machine comes equipped with a 38 oz capacity boiler that delivers quick heating times.

Additionally, the machine boasts a professional steam wand.

Needless to say, the PC-16 is a stunner!

The stainless steel design is a work of art that gives your kitchen or coffee shop unmatched sophistication. Plus, the machine is super tough and will serve for years.

If none of our best Italian espresso machines on this list floats your espresso boat, I’m sure PC-16 will do the trick!

Gaggia Classic Pro – Best Entry-Level

The Gaggia Classic Pro stands out as a high-quality Italian espresso machine due to its impressive build quality, consistent brewing results, and affordability. This machine has a powerful heating system and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to make great espresso drinks even for first-time users.

The Gaggia Classic is a perfect blend of traditional Italian style and modern features that provide a unique espresso brewing experience.

One of the things we like about it the most is how easy it is to use the espresso machine. That’s why it is our top Italian machine for newbies.

But that doesn’t mean that Pro doesn’t deserve its name.

It has a commercial-style group head that evenly distributes water over the coffee grounds for maximum flavour extraction. Furthermore, its 15-bar pump ensures consistent and even extraction, resulting in a full-bodied and aromatic espresso.

The Classic Pro is also loaded with a host of other impressive features.

The machine comes with a powerful steam wand. It also has a durable stainless steel housing that not only looks great but also ensures longevity and ease of maintenance.

Other features such as a removable water tank, a cup warmer, and a solenoid valve make the machine even more convenient to use and clean.

Overall, if you are just getting started, and are in the market for an affordable, yet high-quality and beginner-friendly Italian espresso machine, Classic Pro is our best pick here.

And in case you want to keep reading about Gaggia Classic Pro, we have written an in-depth review where we reveal more details!

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II – Best Design

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is widely regarded as the best Italian espresso machine due to its superior quality, durability, and ease of use. However, the ultra-sleek and modern design of the Oscar II makes it one of the most attractive machines this country has ever produced.

We love the looks of LaPavoni, but Oscar II is a true player. It features an ergonomic and sleek design that is easy to use and offers a superior brewing experience.

Speaking of which, it comes with a professional-grade heating system that provides quick and consistent coffee extractions, thanks to its accurate temperature control.

It has a pre-infusion system, which allows for better coffee extractions due to an even saturation of coffee grinds.

The coffee machine has a dosing system that helps determine the right amount of water for each cup, making espresso-making convenient and consistent.

One of the standout features of this machine that we really like is its impressive steam power, which enables faster and more precise milk frothing.

Another key feature of Oscar II is its programmability. With easily adjustable temperature settings, you can set the machine to your preferred brewing temperature, ensuring the best coffee flavour profile.

The machine’s automatic cleaning function is also a great add-on that simplifies maintenance and helps keep the machine in optimal condition.

So, as I said, not only that it looks great in any kitchen or commercial setting, but it is also capable of delivering tip-top espresso over and over again.

De’Longhi Eletta – Best For Milk Drinks

Eletta II has a patented LatteCrema system that delivers perfectly frothed milk every time. This machine has a customizable milk menu that allows you to adjust the milk temperature, froth level, and texture, resulting in a personalized milk-based beverage experience.

The Eletta is super-automatic which we love for milk-based espresso drinks.

It features a large, touch-sensitive display that provides intuitive navigation and control over the machine’s 11 automatic espresso options.

It also has an integrated burr grinder that grinds fresh coffee beans for each cup, ensuring the freshest possible taste. And a thermoblock heating system for optimal brewing temperature.

As mentioned in the description, the Eletta is equipped with a patented LatteCrema system that creates creamy, frothy milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based drinks.

The system utilizes an automatic frother to heat and froth the milk to the perfect consistency, making it easy to achieve barista-quality results.

Additionally, the machine offers a customizable brewing experience that lets you adjust the strength and aroma of the espresso to your liking.

Just like Magnifica, Eletta can also be programmed to remember users’ preferred coffee settings, making it easy to brew your favourite drink with the touch of a button.

So if you like to smudge your espressos with milk in many different ways, this premium super-automatic machine is one of the best Italian espresso machines today.

We have also written a comprehensive review of Delonghi Eletta in case you want to keep learning about this machine.

De’Longhi La Specialista – Best With Grinder

De’Longhi La Specialista is the ultimate Italian espresso machine with a grinder that is capable of delivering authentic espresso every time. It has an exceptional design and advanced features such as adjustable conical burr grinders, quick heating thermoblock technology, and a compact footprint.

The La Specialista is a high-end model that combines exceptional brewing capabilities with impressive technological advances.

We would say that it presents itself as a perfect choice for espresso enthusiasts who demand the best quality coffee and are passionate about the brewing process.

If you love customization, you’ll love this Italian baby.

The most prominent feature of the La Specialista Arte machine is its sensor grinding technology, which uses a precise burr grinder to produce consistently ground coffee.

The integrated grinder also makes it possible to personalize settings for bean type, grind size, and dosage.

When brewing, the machine’s active temperature control technology ensures the optimum temperature is maintained throughout the brewing process for the perfect extraction.

Another major benefit of the machine is its smart tamping station, which automatically compresses the coffee grounds for even and consistent extraction.

The milk frothing feature adds more convenience by providing perfectly frothed milk that is automatically dispensed at your desired temperature and texture.

As a final touch, La Specialista Arte is also designed with an elegant and durable body, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

How to Pick The Best Italian Espresso Machine For Your Needs

Italian espresso machines are renowned for their quality and durability, and there are many different models available in the market. But how to pick the best one for you?

Our team at Espressoverse created this helpful guide to help you out.

Push Button, Partial Control, or Manual Experience?

One of the key factors to consider is the level of automation. Your choice depends on your espresso brewing skill level and specific needs.

Firstly, let’s look at manual espresso machines.

As the name suggests, these machines require significant manual effort to operate. They are ideal for users who have a prior experience with espresso making and prefer more control over the brewing process.

They also give you the flexibility to choose different types of beans and experiment with various brewing techniques.

Next, we have semi-automatic espresso machines.

These machines offer some level of automation, meaning that they can perform certain tasks such as controlling the water temperature and pressure, but you are still required to grind the coffee beans and adjust the settings accordingly.

Best Italian Espresso Machines Buying Guide

Semi-automatics are suitable for intermediate-level users who want some level of control but also require consistency in their espresso shots.

Moving up the ladder, we have fully automatic and super-automatic espresso machines.

Fully automatic machines offer a higher level of automation, where you only need to add the coffee beans and press a button to start brewing.

These machines are suitable for you if you are looking for ease of use and consistency in your espresso shots without any specific brewing skills.

Super-automatic machines go a step further and provide complete automation of the espresso-making process. They often feature built-in grinders, milk frothers, and various customization options.

These machines are ideal for you if you want a hassle-free Italian espresso-making experience without compromising on quality.

Do You Prefer Pre-ground or Freshly-ground Espresso Beans?

The choice essentially depends on whether you want to have control over the grind size and consistency of your coffee beans or not.

A grinder-less Italian espresso machine will require you to purchase pre-ground beans or grind the beans separately using a separate grinder.

This option may appeal to you if you already have an excellent stand-alone grinder or prefer to buy pre-ground beans to save time.

On the other hand, having a built-in grinder in your machine provides greater control over the brewing process and allows you to grind freshly roasted beans on demand.

Best Italian Espresso Machines Buying Guides

Additionally, having a built-in grinder ensures that you do not waste any precious coffee beans, which could occur with pre-ground coffee.

If you want to have control over your grind size and consistency to extract the best flavour and aroma out of your coffee beans, then go for an espresso machine with a grinder.

On the other hand, if you already have an excellent grinder, then you may opt for a grinder-less Italian espresso machine.

How Many Espressos a Day Will You Make?

Are you a solo espresso drinker who just needs a quick shot each morning? Or do you entertain guests frequently or have a bustling household that consumes multiple cups per day?

For those who only need one or two cups per day, a smaller machine may suffice. A single boiler machine, which has just one boiler for both brewing and steaming, can be a great option for those who don’t need to make multiple drinks at once.

However, if you do plan on entertaining or making multiple drinks at once, a dual boiler machine with separate boilers for brewing and steaming may be a better choice, as it allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming without any wait time.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the size of the water tank on the machine. If you’re only making one or two cups per day, a smaller tank may be sufficient.

However, if you’re making multiple drinks or entertaining frequently, a larger tank will save you from the hassle of constantly refilling.

Our #1 Recommendation

Whether you are a beginner or a barista enthusiast making espresso, it is important to have the best machine to make sure you get the most out of your coffee.

And the authentic and high-quality Italian espresso machines are ideal for the task.

After evaluating a number of great models, we believe that De’Longhi Magnifica is one of the best Italian espresso machines for home baristas.

Magnifica is the best overall pick because of its impressive features that make the perfect shot of espresso every time. Its built-in burr grinder ensures fresh coffee grounds are used, while its patented Cappuccino System frother creates smooth foam for lattes and cappuccinos. And the price is great too!

This espresso machine guarantees each cup of espresso is packed with flavour. Investing in this model is a surefire way to get delicious coffee for years to come.

We hope we helped with our guide here! Happy brewing!


What are the best Italian espresso machine brands?

Some of the best brands of Italian espresso machines are Gaggia, De’Longhi, Rancilio, Nueva Simonelli, La Pavoni, Bezzera, La Marzocco, and many others.

Are Italian espresso machine brands better than other brands?

Italian espresso machine brands are highly regarded in the coffee industry for several reasons, but it wouldn’t be accurate to say that they are universally better than all other brands.

How much do Italian espresso machines cost? Are they more expensive?

Italian machines can vary widely in price depending on the brand, model, features, and intended use.

While some Italian machines can be expensive, there are also more affordable options available, making it possible to find machines at various price points to suit different budgets and preferences.

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